Why Moderation is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss

"I eat whatever I want and still lose weight!" Chances are that you’ve heard that claim made by some… [more]

Why Moderation is the Key to Sustained  Weight Loss Why Moderation is the Key to Sustained  Weight Loss

Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

You have decided to quit smoking? This is the road in the right direction! Below you will find some useful… [more]

Effective Ways to Quit Smoking Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

5 Herbs and Spices That Boost Oral Health

Herbs and spices that boost oral health There are, however, spices and herbs you can ingest that promote… [more]

5 Herbs and Spices That Boost Oral Health 5 Herbs and Spices That Boost Oral Health

20 Tips for a More Healthy Life

How do you feel? Perhaps many of you will answer that you're Ok, but it may be just today and tomorrow… [more]

20 Tips for a More Healthy Life 20 Tips for a More Healthy Life

Several Ways to Overcome Stress After Work

Do you know people who like stress at work? You probably know them: where do you see an obstacle at work,… [more]

Several Ways to Overcome Stress After Work Several Ways to Overcome Stress After Work

Best Plants to Grow at Home for Healthy Living

April 17, 2014
Healthy home

There are a great many reasons why one would want to grow plants at home. Apart from being lovely, quiet friends that take very little effort to take care of, they refresh the stale indoor air we live in, give us something lovely to look at and may even have excellent health qualities if you […]

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The Benefits of Giving up Smoking Compared to Continuing

April 12, 2014
Several cigarettes image

Smoking is one of the biggest raised issues in the United Kingdom and in the world. Is it right? Is it a life threat? Are we harming other people? How much are we harming ourselves? Hundreds of questions that are continuously being answered in different contradicting ways. Instead of looking at guides that tell you […]

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Are You Running The Right Way? [Infographic]

April 8, 2014

Summer is on its way, time to dig out the running shoes and hit the road. Whether you are training for the marathon season or just a recreational runner, it pays to check your form. Although running is a great way to stay fit, you need to make sure you are running the right way. […]

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Mental Health: There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

March 20, 2014
Girl feeling good

When things start to go wrong in our lives either in our own personal lives or in the life of someone close to us too many times we shut down and close ourselves off. It has happened in my own life and in the lives of those close to me. Shutting yourself off from others […]

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10 Everyday Ways to Stay Fit

February 28, 2014
Woman drinking water

Staying fit does not have to be a struggle. A lot of us have the notion that we have to work out at the gym for hours every day or eat only fresh vegetables or some other unsustainable form of living. But more realistically fitness is about making healthy everyday choices. You can’t expect to […]

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Effective Tips to Reduce Stress

January 15, 2014
Woman meditating

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James We all have stress in our lives. It is the little things that really get us. They add up one after another until we feel our muscles bunching and our stomachs churning. However instead of letting it get […]

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Five Foods that Increase Happiness

December 27, 2013
Foods that can increase mood

The foods you eat have a direct impact on your health and mental outlook. If you are eating a lot of processed foods, you might have problems with your weight, and with your overall outlook. It is important to eat brain­healthy foods that can provide you with plenty of stamina and help improve your disposition. […]

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3 Optimistic Things You Can Do To Achieve Any Fitness Goals

December 24, 2013
Girl doing exercises outdoors

I want to lose weight. I want to sleep better. I want to start eating more veges! Writing a fitness goal down towards a healthier you is a big thing. But where to from here? Usually people get confused and be bombarded by countless irrelevant information on how to lose weight or even start eating […]

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Why a Healthy Lifestyle is more Important than Weight Loss

December 20, 2013
Fitness and Health

Many people today are obsessed with looking good. Some people try to maintain normal weights while others are obsessed with simply losing as much weight as they can. Crash diets are also becoming popular. There are many types of diets today and these have been around for a long time. There are diets that tell […]

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6 Secrets to Weight Loss [Infographic]

November 30, 2013

Today I would like to provide you a great infographic where you will learn the six secrets to weight loss. Discover what you should do to change your mindset and lifestyle and thus lose your weight. This infographic was made by Courthouse Clinics If you have any thoughts on this topic feel free to leave […]

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