Why Moderation is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss

"I eat whatever I want and still lose weight!" Chances are that you’ve heard that claim made by some… [more]

Why Moderation is the Key to Sustained  Weight Loss Why Moderation is the Key to Sustained  Weight Loss

Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

You have decided to quit smoking? This is the road in the right direction! Below you will find some useful… [more]

Effective Ways to Quit Smoking Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

5 Herbs and Spices That Boost Oral Health

Herbs and spices that boost oral health There are, however, spices and herbs you can ingest that promote… [more]

5 Herbs and Spices That Boost Oral Health 5 Herbs and Spices That Boost Oral Health

20 Tips for a More Healthy Life

How do you feel? Perhaps many of you will answer that you're Ok, but it may be just today and tomorrow… [more]

20 Tips for a More Healthy Life 20 Tips for a More Healthy Life

Several Ways to Overcome Stress After Work

Do you know people who like stress at work? You probably know them: where do you see an obstacle at work,… [more]

Several Ways to Overcome Stress After Work Several Ways to Overcome Stress After Work

How to Maintain Healthy Habits on Vacation

July 28, 2014
Girl with an apple

No matter how healthy we are in our daily lives at home, many of us quickly fall off the health horse as soon as we go on vacation.  It’s understandable – you’re in a new place, dining out all the time, and far outside of the realm of your usual routines. While it’s certainly OK […]

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How to Increase Your Immunity

July 16, 2014
Girl with apple

You have invested in the most expensive disinfectants and soaps to ensure that you and your family remain healthy. However, the coughs, the sneezes and stomach aches will not go away. Consequently, it seems like the adage “an apple a day hence keep the doctor away” is not working for you, and you are plunged […]

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy Over Winter

July 7, 2014
Woman in winter

Don’t let flu and colds stop you this winter! If you want to avoid being sick, eat a healthy diet and get more exercise. Immunity is the season’s magic word. The right foods along with a regular workout schedule can boost your immune system and keep your body in top shape. Check out these 10 […]

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7 Things to do that will Immediately Improve your Health

June 27, 2014
Woman holding an apple

Another day has come to an end and you have failed to do the healthy things that you said you were going to do. You didn’t eat how you had planned, you didn’t exercise and you didn’t stay hydrated. Once again you find yourself lying there thinking “tomorrow will be different”. You need a Healthy […]

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How to cope with high blood & low blood pressure

June 25, 2014
Blood pressure

As we age and reach the twilight of our lives, blood pressure is one of those things that each of us really has to begin being concerned about. Not only must we keep an eye on our blood pressure, but it is imperative that we take care of our loved ones as well. Allowing your […]

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Lower Your Cholesterol By Eating This

June 18, 2014
Food that lowers cholesterol

High cholesterol levels in the body are the major cause of a number of conditions such as stroke and heart attack. There are a number of foods such as oil, eggs, poultry and red meat and snacks that are rich in cholesterol. On the other hand, there are a number of foods that have been […]

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Ways to Soothe Sensitive Teeth

June 10, 2014
Tooth paste on brush

Quite a number of adults suffer from tooth sensitivity these days. Research has shown that one in eight people might have the condition, especially women who seem to be more affected than men. Usually you notice tooth sensitivity when you drink cold or hot drinks. Even though it is not such a big deal the […]

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Stress-Reducing Aromatherapy Tips for Your Home

May 26, 2014
Aromatherapy and candles

Aromas can be used in a great many households to not only make them have a pleasant scent, but also to reduce stress and to invoke a certain mood in those who experience them. The following tips will help you understand what you need to and must not do when you use aromas: Never buy […]

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Best Plants to Grow at Home for Healthy Living

April 17, 2014
Healthy home

There are a great many reasons why one would want to grow plants at home. Apart from being lovely, quiet friends that take very little effort to take care of, they refresh the stale indoor air we live in, give us something lovely to look at and may even have excellent health qualities if you […]

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The Benefits of Giving up Smoking Compared to Continuing

April 12, 2014
Several cigarettes image

Smoking is one of the biggest raised issues in the United Kingdom and in the world. Is it right? Is it a life threat? Are we harming other people? How much are we harming ourselves? Hundreds of questions that are continuously being answered in different contradicting ways. Instead of looking at guides that tell you […]

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